Computational Social Systems

An interdisciplinary master's program integrating skills and expertise in algorithmic systems and data science with social science theories and ethics


In order to be eligible to apply for the Master program you need a first degree (bachelor with 180 Credits) in a study program with proportions of computer science, psychology and philosophy. In particular, applicants have to demonstrate knowledge in the subjects listed below with the respective credits. If you only partly fulfill the requirements, there is the possibility to make up for the missing requirements (for up to 40 Credits) during the first three semesters of your Master studies. The examination board will decide upon these cases individually.
Further, starting with the application for the upcoming summer semester 2021, applicants are required to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General test. Admission is only possible if the score in the test section Quantitative Reasoning is above the 75th percentile, the score in the test section Verbal Reasoning is above the 15th percentile, and if at least 3.5 points are achieved in the test section on Analytical Writing. Applicants which are EU citizens, as well as applicants which have obtained their bachelor's degree in Germany, are exempt from this test regulation.

Computer Science Psychology Philosophy & Ethics
Introduction to Programming Statistics Introduction to Ethics
Algorithms & Data Structures Social Psychology or Cognitive Psychology
Databases or Software Technologies Communication Psychology or Media Psychology