Computational Social Systems

An interdisciplinary master's program integrating skills and expertise in algorithmic systems and data science with social science theories and ethics


If you are interested in applying for the program, please consider the following requirements.

Subject Requirements

To be able to gain admission to the Master’s program in Computational Social Systems, applicants need to have a Bachelor’s program in Computer Science, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Human-Computer-Interaction or a closely related field. Applicants have to provide proof of proficiency in knowledge, skills, and competences of at least 80 credit points (ECTS) from technical courses (not counting practical trainings, project work, or theses) along one of the following combinations:

  • 60 ECTS in computer science and 20 ECTS in either Philosophy or Psychology or Sociology ,
  • 60 ECTS in Psychology and 20 ECTS in Computer Science (The credits from psychology must contain at least 4 ECTS in Inferential Statistics),
  • 60 ECTS in Philosophy and 20 ECTS in Computer Science,
  • 60 ECTS in Sociology and 20 ECTS in Computer Science.
Every applicant must prove programming skills by having earned at least 4 ECTS in a programming course.
If you only partly fulfill the requirements, there is the possibility to make up for the missing requirements (for up to a maximum of 10 ECTS in one subject area, but only up to a maximum of 18 ECTS in total) during the first three semesters of your Master studies. The examination board will decide upon these cases individually.

Language Skills

To be able to enroll into the program, one of the following English language certificates is required:

  • Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) Internet-based Test (IBT) with a score of at least 95 points,
  • IELTS-Test with a score of at least 6.5,
  • Cambridge Test – Certificate in Advanced English (CAE),
  • a placement test by the RWTH Language Center, reporting OK 1 level,
  • a German high school degree (Abitur) certificate, on which it is reported that an English class has been taken continuously until the end of Qualifikationsphase 2, with grades being at least sufficient (ausreichend).
  • Alternatively, a bachelor's thesis that is completely written in English language may be provided as well.

Note that all applicants who have a school leaving qualification or first degree in English that was issued by an institution in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the US are exempt from the English language certificate requirements. The school leaving qualification or first degree must have been completed in one of the countries listed above. Further, all those certificates have to be provided upon enrollment, but not for your application.